Wesex To Speak At 2017 TCA Convention

Wesex To Speak At 2017 TCA Convention

The Event (From Tilt-Up Concrete Association):

2017 TCA Convention
Date: November 28-30, 2017
Location: Fontainebleau Miami Beach, 4441 Collins Ave, Miami, Florida 33140

The 2017 TCA Convention and Expo is the premier gathering of the global tilt-up industry. As always, this year’s event is designed to provide attendees with valuable education that can be applied directly to their next tilt-up job.

Post-event surveys show 92% of attendees estimate they will save their company or clients at least $2,000 on their next project as a direct result of their attendance. 35% of respondents say they will save at least $5,000 and 17% say they will save more than $10,000 on their next project alone. Most importantly, well over 90% of attendees say they learned something at convention that will make their jobsite, or that of their client, safer.

Participation in this important industry event also ensures effective utilization of the greatest, and most diverse network of tilt-up professionals on the planet. The connections made between attendees prove to be very beneficial. Post-event surveys conclude that 67% of participants make new connections that will help them grow professionally, 60% make new connections that their company or firm may collaborate with on future projects, and 73% make connections that could help troubleshoot issues on their next project.

Our Presentation

The Wesex team (Greg, Melanie, and Andrew) is honored to get the opportunity to present at this years 2017 TCA Convention. Over the past year we have completely transformed our business model to provide the many benefits of BIM to our team and clients. A hot topic this year is the integration of Autdesk A360 into workflows that bridge the communication gap between our architects and field team. We will explore the fundamentals of A360 including how data is visualized and shared across multiple devices through the use of Virtual Design in Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Attendees will see how real time data helps to reduce design & construction errors and learn about the best hardware to use in the field that will keep their data and devices secure.

Friends and partners, we would love to see you at this event! Click here to learn more.

An Exclusive Look At Wesex Headquarters

An Exclusive Look At Wesex Headquarters

Wesex Headquarters is a 5,500 square foot high-tech office facility designed by our Chief Design Officer, Melanie Panutsos, AIA, MBA. The building is situated in West Middlesex, PA, once known as a pioneer in the Shenango Valley at the center of the iron business. Though founded in 1954, Wesex functions as a youthful technological start-up, implementing the latest design software to create integrated, innovative design & construction solutions. This project served as both a catalyst and a testing lab for those principles.

The project includes a brand new insulated composite tilt-up concrete structure consisting of 16 panels totaling 2,892 square feet. This new structure sprouts off of an existing pre-engineered metal building, formerly a local bank, which has been completely renovated from head to toe. The design serves to harmoniously merge two construction methods that Wesex utilizes frequently for our clients while showcasing many of the industrial products and solutions that we employ on a daily basis. The space is designed as a high-tech hub for our design/engineering team, but it doubles as a showroom for our clients to see the products that will go into their own spaces. Items from coiling overhead doors to exposed joists and wide flange beams were used in unconventional ways to create a sleek, modern, industrial space.

Take a look at the photos below of Wesex Headquarters.  Enjoy!

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